Almond Flour Squares

Do you have almond flour that needs to be used like me ? Almond flour will go rancid after a while so use it before that . Made this easy breezy almond flour squares. Can you tell they came out very good ? Yes I ate up some squares , trimmed side like a squirrel. Then skipped sugar in my tea. Hey, Balanced life is imp to me. Don’t know abt u.

They are very easy to make it. Here’s how I did it :

Boil in non stick pan 1/3 cup water + 1/2 cup sugar

Add 4-5 strands of saffron if u have .

Add 1 cup almond flour. and keep stirring until it becomes mass.

Add a tsp of ghee or unsalted butter, coconut oil. Ghee gives good taste though. Mix well.

Let it cool down little bit. Roll it between 2 greased parchment paper.

Try to portion control . There are you tube videos if you need to see it .


Quinoa Oat Idli

Idlis came out very soft and with coconut chutney and sambhar , very tasty.

Grind 0.5 cup tricolor quinoa.

Grind 0.5 cup oat.

1 tbsp rava.

Add yogurt , salt and make batter .

Add soda and steam Idli. Simple usual process.

One can eat same thing everyday until doctor tells you otherwise . Or start eating good new stuff. Balanced life . Our choice.

As we make change in diet or any life style , observe how you feel. Sometimes ppl keep eating thinking it’s good for but doesn’t agree with them. Everyone is different. Experiment and see what works for you.


Thai Quinoa Salad

Last night’s salad ingredients were still there. So boiled some quinoa.

Added some chopped avocado , more mango .

Added dressing and voila nice lunch ready in no time .

Eat different things like all vegetables, fruits , seeds , grains , millet. So much variety and you will get all nutrition.

Also eat keeping TV, internets everything off. Chew well. When you eat while watching tv and stuff, you end up eating all those unwanted emotions.

Follow basic health protocol. Breath, drink clean water , wholesome food, exercise even if u r inside home , do something you enjoy at least for 5-10 mins everyday.


Thai Salad

Salad dressing is main here . Sweet , sour and spicy. You can use vegetables you like.

Red cabbage is full of antioxidants but I hardly buy it since I don’t cook much with it . In this salad , it goes perfect.

In addition to red cabbage , I added Napa cabbage , peppers , carrot , cucumber , mango, green onion, cilantro.

Salad dressing is based on Chef Kunal Kapoor‘s recipe. I used ginger , garlic , soya sauce, hot sauce, coconut sugar, manuka honey, almond butter, toasted sesame oil, lemon juice .

Add dressing when you are ready to eat.