What To Exercise

Do we ever think what to exercise ? Of course if you exercise . We all use only certain muscles , movement through out the day. It’s like in a home certain part never gets used and eventually will rot or gather dirt. We need to tickle the Muscles , circuits that doesn’t get used.

For example , Most of us sit in front of computer or TV most of the day. So all forward , backward , side bending are good . Then eye exercise since we are always staring at some screen.

If you are on the go all time , then need to ground yourself . Do yoga where you stay in pose for few seconds . Like that.. just giving examples to think abt .

Picture is of split where inner leg muscles get stretched and works on liver channel. In our day to day life , these muscles never get stretched.

Same for brain , if you are all logic then add some creativity . If your work is all creativity , add some logic exercise .

Let me go do some exercise now .


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