Cleansing Yellow Dragon Fruit

Browsed through new grocery store few days back and found yellow dragon fruit first time. Obviously I bought it .

It was small medium size and sweeter than red version of it. Ate whole thing and cleaned up like a dog .

Few hrs later I had to go and everything was fine . 10 mins later gotta go again …I got really cleansed . Did I get something or it’s dragon fruit ? Google confirmed it’s yellow dragon fruit . It’s like laxative. Went 3 times and that was it .

When you need a good cleansing, eat it. It was perfect timing for me since I am starting Navratri fast from tomorrow and was thinking to take something before starting .

Universe has perfect time for everything. Everything has a use. It’s just knowing when to use it . You learn by experiment .

Do you buy , try new fruits ?


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