Angel @Work

Lake Norman state park

This is a true story and not adding any spices to it .

Few weeks back on Saturday morning, I got ready to leave for hike and last moment wore Tanzanite earrings I had bought from Africa. After coming back from hike, took shower and realized 1 earring is missing . Oops…must have lost in shower and gone down the drain. I looked around on the floor , clothes etc. After few rounds, found patch. More disappointment, wish had found stone since I can use some other patch. Look around again but no luck.

Checked you tube videos hoping may be there’s a way. And yes there is . Got my tools ok just screw drivers but could not open the drain . It was too tight . Too much trouble and may be it’s gone down who knows where . I try to let it go and make peace with it. Well, forget abt money but I got from Africa and it’s not a place I go every few years.

Frustrated, I say oh Jesus save my earring. Come on my angel, my hand can not go down the drain but you can . So grab it and put it somewhere I can pick it up from.

Week goes by as I remember it now and then.

Next Saturday morning I get ready for hike . My head is in phone trying to look at google map and putting 1 leg in car , my eyes fell on the car mat and my heart skip a beat, there my earring shining . I just stared it for a minute before picking it up.

Thank you angle and Jesus for saving my earring.

Isn’t it a miracle ?

Lesson learned . Put angel at work.


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