Gluten Free Cabbage Pancake

Did you like my new orange spatula ? It makes cooking fun and vibrant.

Take whatever plain oat you have and grind it in coffee grinder .

Take same amt of chick pea flour.

Add finely chopped cabbage , cilantro leaves You can add chopped spinach, grated carrot too.

Add ginger , garlic , green chilie paste or dry spices you have. Add turmeric powder , cumin seeds and salt .

Add water and make pancake consistency batter.

Cook it and that’s it .


Selenium Rich Brazil Nut

Selenium is a trace mineral needed for immunity, thyroid to function properly. Brazil nut is a very good source of selenium and 1-2 nut provides daily need . Other good vegetarian sources are sunflower seeds, spinach, brown rice etc.

Do research selenium and it’s benefits and check if you are getting enough. If not , just eat Brazil nuts once in a while. So simple.


Brown Rice Dosa

Dosa is easy , quick lunch. You can make instant batter or if you planned ahead , fermented batter. Instant batter can be made with Ragi , oat , quinoa what not. So many varieties of chutney.

After yoga lunch today with brown rice Dosa. Y’day before going for hike I soaked brown rice, dal with few methi seeds. After coming back, blended it. Takes only few minutes in the morning, after hike.

Had left over potato Subji, made chutney with coconut, cilantro while skillet was getting hot. Voila, good fun lunch in 10-15 minutes.

In summary, plan ahead. By planning ahead , you can avoid last minute junk food .