Mind Likes Routine

Mind likes routine so any change you want to make , make it a routine. That way mind gets settled .

  • Example , if you want to start fasting or eat only one meal once a week, then pick a day like every Saturday or Monday.
  • You can also pick 1st day of month or last day of the month.
  • If you follow Indian calendar, then ekadashi you can pick.
  • If you want to start yoga practice, meditation then also pick a day. Even at home practice , pick a day , time and just go with it.
  • Eat mono meal or soup or salad once a week for dinner.
  • End of the month , Sunday night neem shot for me . Hope you got the idea .


Carrot Sooji Burfi

Carrot sooji Burfi recipe kept coming my way , caught my attention every time and I always thought 1 day I will try. Finally I just made it to get over it. Why wait for occasion or party ?

Do you have something that you keep holding off ? Find a way to get it off your list.

Plenty of recipes out there so won’t repeat. Do follow measurements and use fine sooji.

I have yet to taste but I think it will be like carrot halwa. It’s quick to make. In winter time you find nice juicy carrots so try it out. I used A2 milk .


Grandma’s cast iron pots & pans

Cast iron pot and pans have come back and many ppl are using it now since they are safer. You get little iron in your cooked food which is extra benefit. I also got few and use now and then .

Have you tried them ? Lodge cast iron is good. Price is affordable to everyone and it will last life time.

New cast iron kadai in picture . Friend recommended it and I had to get it . Perfect size for me. Made my favorite potato poha in it.

Oh and it will give some arm work out too since they are heavy. Be careful touching it since it gets hot .


Ekadasi Meal

Ekadasi meal is supposed to be just 1 item, 1 time and min spices. Amaranth flour is used which is gluten free. Sindho salt is used little bit.

Even if you don’t observe Ekadasi vrat, it’s good to have this simple meals. And try to eat 1 or 2 meals with just 1 item. Avoid all day snacks.

With this modified eating I still see benefits. You are more aware of what is going in the mouth.

Do you observe ekadasi vrat ? How do you feel ?

Whenever we make changes in life style , diet we should observe how it’s feeling. Most of the time ppl are just looking at scale. So learn to observe how you are feeling. And you will know what works for you and what not.


Proso Millet Idli

Have been cleaning up pantry and found some proso millet. Soaked with some urad dal and fenugreek seeds. Think next step later.

Made idli with it . My new favorite almond chutney made it again.

I also added some beetroot powder in some batter. Can you tell middle idli has some pink hue to it?

You can also make dosa.

Do you try millets or are stuck with wheat and rice ?