Therapeutic Art

  • You tube or technology in general knows what we like. Isn’t it ? You tube recommended art video and I had to try it. Art is good for kids and adults too . No age bar.
  • There’s one place I messed it up. Can you find it ?
  • Enjoy!
  • Ras Malai Cake

    Ras Malai is a popular Indian dessert. Some expert, open minded chef made a cake version of it and looks like have become popular. You will find exact recipes plenty on net.

    It’s like steamed vanilla cake with sweet thick milk poured over with cardamom, saffron flavor . Topped with pistachio, almond.

    Turned out good and very easy to make it. If you like to bake new cakes, try it out.


    Avocado Omelette Sandwich

    Simple,quick lunch idea.

    • Make omelette with spinach, onion etc.
    • Make guacamole quickly with fresh avocado, lime, cilantro and throw some salsa if you have. Salsa makes it tasty.
    • Toast bread, spread guacamole and omelette.
    • Serve/eat with chips, ketchup.
    • Did you notice few walnuts? Good for brain. I like it when there’s little surprise on the plate. Right now you find good quality nuts in market.
    • Enjoy!

    Navsari Special Ubadiyu

    Navsari is where I grew up. Last time I visited in winter, I was told by family I can’t leave without eating Ubadiyu. So one day nephew and I went to get it. It’s generally made on highway. They make in earthen pot and open fire and what not. And it’s very very spicy. Served with green chutney and butter milk.

    Tailored to my liking and with things available in this hometown. Basically, it’s roasted vegetables with spices. Here’s my version and you can make your version.

    • 4 vegetables are used in Ubadiyu. Papdi, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam. No papdi ? Use edamame, green beans .
    • Wash and marinate papdi in salt for 2-3 hrs.
    • Cut other vegetables in chunks. I left skin on potatoes.
    • Take a big vessel to mix everything. Take ginger, green chilli paste, ajmo (carom seeds), turmeric powder, red chili powder , coriander-cumin powder , sesame seeds. Add little peanut oil. Now add papdi and mix . Add other vegetables and mix everything. Add salt as needed.
    • If you have green garlic, add it.
    • Take a baking dish and oil it. Add prepared vegetables.
    • Roast it covered with foil paper at 375 for 1 hr.
    • Yum ! It’s cold here so I skipped buttermilk and I made way less spicy.
    • Makes a filling meal and no need of anything else .
    • It’s more fun to eat with friends and family. It’s an experience.
    • If you visit south gujarat , India in winter time, you know what to eat now.