Cranberry Dal

Cranberries are very sour , aren’t they? So it’s ideal use will be where you need sourness. But they are used with so much sugar .

We use some sourness like lemon, tomato , tamarind in Dal so cranberry goes very well here .

How do you use cranberry?


Save The Turkey

During thanksgiving we see sweet potatoes, cranberries, green beans etc everywhere on sale and plenty. Made Black bean sweet potato burrito. Simple and tasty.

Steamed sweet potatoes in insta pot. Sweet potato taste great plain steamed or roasted . There’s absolutely no need to add thousand different things to sweet potato and ruining it.

Keep things simple and thanks your stomach for taking all abuse .

Happy Thanksgiving!

Boycott Sweets

Holiday season has started and with it so many sweets and flu season. My 2 cents here is boycott sweets this year.

And include some bitter. Got this neem powder from amazon and it’s pretty good bitter .

Share bitter with friends, family you care abt. Give sweets to your enemies.