Dalma From Odisha

Basically Dalma is dal with vegetables is what I learned from watching few you tube videos. Good 1 pot meal and Dalma is little mild on spices .

I did make fresh spice mixture for it.

  • Used tuvar dal plus little mung dal. Boil dal with little turmeric powder , ginger .
  • Vegetables what I had – eggplant , potato , carrot, drumstick, tomatoes. Pumpkin will taste good if you have it.
  • Vegetables are cut in big chunks to retain shape .
  • I cooked dal first in instant pot and then added vegetables and cooked 5 more minutes.
  • Season with ghee, cumin seeds, red chili.
  • Dry Roasted red chilies, cinnamon, black pepper and cumin seeds. Make a powder and use this like garam masala .
  • Remember to add salt.
  • Since I never had Dalma , don’t know what it taste like but am sure one day I will have opportunity to taste authentic Dalma.
  • With all vegetables, it’s a very filling meal.
  • If you are fond of different kind of dals , try it.
  • Enjoy!

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