9 Mixed Bean Sprouts – Nori Nem Special

In India , there are lot of festivals , fasting days and you eat something special on that day for 1 time . Nori nem is 1 of those days and it was 2 days back I think.

This dish is specially made on that day and you eat for lunch and no food after that .

Sprout 9 different beans and it’s cooked only with chopped ginger , green chilies. So little bland for Indian taste buds . Drizzle little oil before eating. This is ancient way and now we have those 9 grain breads. May be 9 is special.

I used whatever beans I had mung, mooth, masoor, dry peas, black Chana and sprouted them.

I added chopped onion, ginger , red chili powder , turmeric and salt. Also added little oil while cooking.

Turned out very yummy.

I don’t know the reason behind nori nem but it’s a healthy , nutritious, filling dish and i will eat any day , any day of the year.

Recipe , ideas were given by my “kaki” who is a wonderful cook . She is 1 of those who cooked from magazine recipes in those times and baked a cake in cooker .


Beetroot Cutlet

Are you trying to eat beetroot but can’t stand color or taste ? Try cutlet.

  • Take boiled 1 beetroot or if it’s raw , shred it . Mix it with 1 or 2 boiled potatoes .
  • Add ginger , garlic , dry spices you like , cilantro, mint leaves whatever you like and what you have .
  • Add some bread crumbs and see if you can make cutlet .
  • Coat with bread crumbs and Shallow fry in coconut oil.
  • You can have it with salad to make a full meal.
  • I started eating beetroot regularly because it helps with hikes.
  • If you are looking for a reason , then it’s very yummy. There’s some research done on it helping lower blood pressure too .
  • If you never had beetroot, start slow. Eat a slice of it.
  • We don’t need so much of everything. Little goes a long way.
  • Enjoy!

Burrito Bowl

Easy quick tasty yummy lunch while working from home .

  • Cooked pinto beans in instant pot. Start early with your tea , coffee since it takes 45 minutes no soaking and natural release . Lunch time open it.
  • Mash pinto beans , add salt and seasoning .
    Now top it with your favorite toppings . Tomatoes , cucumber, olives, lettuce , cheese , green onion, cilantro , salsa , onion , sour cream , avocado.
    Trick is having toppings you like.
    Will keep you full for a while since it has protein and fiber from all veggies.

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are easy to grow at home and that too in hot summer , they grow rapidly. I made Indian curry with mung sprouts and left some to grow more . In 3 days , they grew so big.

Sauté with few other veggies and tofu and added it to noodles . Some soya sauce , hot sauce and tasted good.

You can add to soup or just make a side dish with it or add to salad. So many uses. It’s easy to eat cheap and healthy. Isn’t it ?


Small Changes

It’s easy to add some small good things in meal. Like little salad on the side with just salt and lemon juice. Add little chopped raw garlic or have cilantro chutney with garlic in it on the side . Garlic is immunity booster . Doesn’t hurt to have little.

Sprinkle some flax meal on your meal. Everyone now a days can use some help with constipation.

When you start making small changes , things build up slowly . Like spending 5 minutes doing something you enjoy other than TV of course . May be just 1 sun salutation before meal. Or play a music instrument or paint or draw for few minutes whatever you like. 5 minutes of meditation or observe your breath for 5 minutes. There’s so much and so many things you can do in 5 minutes.

What small changes are you making ?