Cauliflower Manchurian

Manchurian is Indo Chinese and can be made with cauliflower, mushroom, paneer etc etc . It’s deep fried , and too many steps, so I never made it home before .

Finally made it at home and it came out good. What I liked best was the sauce. It is sweet, sour , spicy. If you never had it before or want to try , do try . All ingredients are easily available and don’t need special trip to Indian store . Plenty of recipes online so I won’t repeat.

  • You can serve it on bed of greens and put some cucumber , tomatoes , onions etc slices around to make a meal out of it .
  • If you make more sauce then you can have it over rice or quinoa.
  • Makes a good appetizer.
  • If you have air fryer , this will be a good dish to make. I am considering buying one.
  • Or like me just have some mangoes on the side and call it a nice dinner .
  • Enjoy!

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