Tailor Ayurvedic Thali

Khichadi is easy to digest and one of my favorite food. When I want to eat something simple or come back home from a trip , khichadi is 1 of the go to food. Today’s menu:

  • Khichadi, spinach and Kadhi
  • Papad as condiment.
  • Carrot halwa just for fun today.
  • Why I called Ayurvedic? Thali has all 6 flavors. Sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty,astringent
  • If I had Ayurvedic Restaurant, this will be 1 of the option on menu.
  • Enjoy!

Square Mung Paratha

What’s in a shape ? You may ask. It makes it more fun to make and eat too. It’s made with left over mung and so high in protein or less wheat flour you can say.

  • Take left over mung , add wheat flour. You can add little more spices , cilantro.
  • You can also add flax powder .
  • Make Dough that’s like paratha dough.
  • Roll and cook.
  • Taste really good. You can use any left over dal.
  • Enjoy!

Gujarati Feast

You got to earn your feast ok ? I went for a looong walk so I can have my Gujarati feast. Not everyone will know abt it but it’s fresh mango pulp, split Lima beans curry , patra and puri. Popular combination in Gujarat during mango season .

Make good memories of this stay home , lock down time if possible. It might be just making some nice dinner. As simple as that.


Bread Pizza

Pizza for breakfast. You can make bread pizza with whatever bread , whatever topping you have .

No pizza sauce ? Use ketchup.

No toppings ? Go through fridge and you will find things.