Activity Ideas

Lot of us are home bound now and so thought of sharing some of ideas. Generally am good with coming up with unique ideas so let’s see what we find today. Also do what gets your attention,speak to you. Be comfortable. There’s nothing right or wrong.

  • Think of alternatives. Make a game out of it and you can get all family including kids involved. Like if we don’t have toilet papers , what can we use? Water anyone? Think of grandparents who lived on little around nature. At my grandma’s place, ash was used to disinfect. Well most of us won’t have ash around but hope you got the idea. I like tea but if I don’t have tea, I can just boil some water and have mint growing in pot so make mint tea. Like that…
    Clean the house. You don’t want to sit in front of tv all day. It will give you some exercise too. Vacuum whole house which I did.
    Clean closet and make a pile of clothes that needs to be donated. You can use some of old tee etc to clean the house instead of paper towel. Involve kids to clean their room when possible.
    Clean fridge. You will be surprised how much food you have.
    Clean pantry. Same you will have plenty to eat for a year probably.
    Clean office and all papers.
    Finish your tax return .
    If you have seeds and potting soil , start garden or pots.
    You can go out for a walk, ride bike just in your community.
    Read a book, knitting , painting , musical instruments etc hobbies. that ppl complain no time generally.
    Play cards or some other games.
    Watch cooking , comedy shows which will help you relax.
    Relaxation cds, yoga videos that you always wanted to try. Now is the time.
    You can do japa of your favorite mantra. Keep the same time and place as much as possible.
  • There’s plenty of things you can do if you want to. So use the time.
  • Enjoy!
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