Indian Tea & Pakora Party

When we went to chardham , day before our 1st Yamunotri Hike , I asked ppl at camp , what will we have to eat when we come back from hike ? They said they can make tea and onion pakora. Since than Tea and Pakora has stayed with me. I did last minute Tea Pakora party at Diwali. Since than I wanted to do for my colleagues too since they like Indian food.

What’s the better time than Christmas? I made variety of pakoras starting with potato. Then onion, chili, okra , egg plant . Everyone enjoyed it with Indian tea with cardamom. I kept spice level low so everyone can enjoy. Expect chili Pakora of course. Had green chutney , ketchup to go with pakoras.

It’s very easy to throw this simple party. Needs little or no advanced preparations .

Most beautiful part , it rained. Tea and pakoras are enjoyed in India when it rains . So it turned perfect and we thanked Jesus for rain.

Do you throw simple, fun parties?


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