Shakarpara – Indian Travel Snack

India is a hot country in general and so there are snacks , food ppl invented that will stay good for weeks to eat during travel. Deep fried, fermented food generally stays good for a longer time and even today you will see ppl carrying it when they travel. Shakarpara is 1 of those good snacks and it doesn’t have any preservatives. It’s loved by all age group, very simple to make and needs few ingredients that most of the ppl will have it home.

This holiday season , try and make this sweet treat of India. It goes well with tea, coffee. You don’t need to travel to India to enjoy this. There’s a joy when you make it at home and you know what went in. So it needs wheat flour and/or all purpose flour , sugar , milk and oil. I know you have these ingredients at home. I skipped cardamom powder and followed this recipe:


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