Insta Pot Dhanshak

Dhanshak and insta pot seems to be match made in heaven . It really cooks in 1 pot and 1 shot. Check my previous dhanshak post; Parsi Dhanshak

Today I made jasmin rice to go with it. Sprinkled some flax seed meal on top after plating .

Left over is good for work lunch with some boiled quinoa.


Sharad Purnima 2019

Technically today is Sharad Purnima and it’s been raining all day . Of course no moon darshan today but last night it was beautiful and I even took picture.

Today since it’s already cold , skipped dudh poha but pakora, Bhajia is perfect on rainy day , isn’t it ?

As we practice our beliefs , whatever we enjoy it’s important to be practical and ponder over the real meaning of it. Blindly doing something years and years won’t get you anywhere, will it ?


Pineapple Salsa

Everyone loves pineapple I think. Last week I went to get burrito for lunch and they had sign of pineapple salsa but it was all gone. So I decided to just make it at home . It’s so simple to make, fun to eat and sounds exotic. Pineapple is not difficult to cut and available easily everywhere.

All the ingredients are available everywhere I believe so stop making excuses. If you don’t want to make it, that’s ok. Why waste energy trying to find excuses ?

Chopped pineapple , red onion, colored peppers , tomatoes ,cilantro and lemon juice . And yes salt . That’s it .

You know you can add all these into Chana dal or Chana Chor Garam too and it will taste good. I am gonna try that . These 2 are Indian snack so not everyone will know . Chips are obvious choice though.

Update: Here’s with Chana Chor Garam. Nice spicy snack to enjoy sitting outside on a beautiful fall day.

While we are at this, enjoy this Bollywood song on Chana Chor Garam.


Acorn Squash Curry

Fall is here and so does all kind of winter squashes. As weather changes , we should fast , make changes to our diet too. Try to include all different kind of squashes , pumpkins in diet now but leave the sugar out . Make simple roasted ,steamed or soup recipes. This simple curry I made is very tasty. Recipe here:

Winter squashes are hard to cut and today I bought big knife thinking it will help cut squash. But still it was hard and took good amt of time . Either cut it when you have free time or buy precut ones. I know microwaving will help cut but I don’t like to microwave my vegetables when trying to get nutrition.

Find a simple way to enjoy all winter squashes that works for you.


Alfalfa Sprouts @Home

Alfalfa sprouts has been on my to do list for a long time. Recently yoga friend brought them for 1 of our outing and I had to try too. Bought seeds on amazon. Soak and let it sprout . So easy and as simple as it can get. It does take 4-5 days and I will leave mine until tomorrow so it can grow little more greens.

You can add them to hummus sandwich (yum), top on soup or salad. They taste good.

They cost so much at store and top of it , you will have to worry abt mold. Why bother when you can make at home so easily and eat it fresh without any worry?

Have you tried them yet? Give it a shot .