India Cultural Table

Last evening we had Diwali celebration in my company and I did India table. Sharing here what I did if anyone has something similar going and would like to present a country.

The way I thought is if someone comes to see table , what can they take back and what unique things India has to offer to world. Here’s presenting India the way I see it.

  • Yoga pictures frame I have at home that I took with me. People really don’t know what yoga is . So I added a card “Yoga meaning Unity”. People were surprised when they realized its me only in pictures.
  • I had yoga , mediation and mantra and Ayurveda books.
  • Made a collage poster from my recent India trip with pictures of Taj Mahal, Golden temple, Chardham walks, Beautiful temples . Kind of India tour if anyone likes to visit India. Few ppl told me they would like to go see Taj Mahal and I gave information on how easy to get there from Delhi and they can stop by Mathura , Vrindavan and visit temples too.
  • Few handicraft things I had at home. Jewelry, bangles , bindi.
  • Peacock with card that it’s India’s national bird and even some Indian ppl didn’t know that. (Plz buy peacock feathers only if you really need it because peacocks are hunted just For feathers)
  • Last but not the least Gandhi’s little statue with card Non-violence and Truth. That’s what Gandhi stood for and it’s relevant even today.
  • Over all ppl liked it and they even took the pictures.
  • Have you showcased your unique culture ?


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