Insta Pot Quinoa

If you want to make good lunch to take it to work , school in the morning this will be a good option. Made this in the morning while tea was boiling.

  • Sauté onion , garlic in insta pot and throw all veggies in. If you have saved some cooked black beans then throw that too.
  • Add rinsed quinoa , water, salt and spice you like. You can do Mexican quinoa too using taco seasoning, cumin powder.
  • Manual cook for 1 min on high pressure.
  • Now enjoy your tea, take shower and get ready.
  • Pressure in insta pot should have been naturally released now and everything will be cooked .
  • Add some cashew nuts, flax meal, cilantro and squeeze lemon juice .
  • Pack it. Isn’t that simple ?
  • Enjoy!

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