Waiting For Perfect Time???

Do you wait for perfect time for every thing ? We all do but if that’s all the time and you are not growing in life and “you want to grow in life ” , start questioning yourself . If you don’t want to do anything, then that’s fine . Skip reading further.

I bought this nice new pot and have been wanting to make poha in it but I kept saying not now few times . Today I got pissed off at myself only and just made it . Come on , it’s just poha and I don’t need good “Muhurat ” for it. Whenever the opportunity comes, it’s perfect time. You may , may not get opportunity again. Stop overthinking and just do it. That yoga class , hike , art class , gym , music whatever you have been eyeing just try it out for a day , 1 class , 1 hr , 1 day or just 1 breath at a time.

“Now” is the perfect time to start living .


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