Why Fast ?

Some ppl say why torture body when i am fasting? What abt all the things we put keeping in our tummy everyday like garbage even when there’s no output? It all gonna stink inside . Isn’t it ?

Everyone knows the benefits of fasting and if not, there’s so much on net. My reason of fasting is fun. Yes , fun. It’s so much fun to observe your mind during fasting. Like y’day afternoon all I wanted was a piece of chakli, Indian snack. No, I had no craving for it . .. I just wanted to make that “kurum kurum ” sound . Ha.. ha.. I found it funny and laughed at myself . No, I didn’t eat it. How your favorite food shows up when you are fasting. Lot of things come forward …. It’s more mental than physical.

Growing up when I used to do “Aloona ” vrat for 5 days. My brother will have so much fun eating everything in front of me that I would get so upset and cry. He will savor each bite in front of me of things I like and how tasty it is and will ask me if I want to eat it. I never ever broke my fast and ate anything but it provided fun to everyone.

Got my gift for fasting from Goddess. Insta pot. Yay… I already had electric pressure cooker but now I got insta pot. Don’t know what I will use it for besides boiling peanuts but am sure it will be useful.

Happy Navratri !

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