Dahi Vada

If you never tried Indian chat , this sweet sour spicy dahi Vada, you got to give it a shot once in life and that should be now.

And if you already love it , try to make this at home . It’s not hard. Here’s the secret and don’t tell anyone. Buy gits dahi Vada pack. It comes with recipe and like those cake mixes where you just add water and bake but here you deep fry.

Tamarind ,date sauce that goes with this is easy to make or while at Indian store just buy it if you are too lazy. I do recommend to make it at home though. It will taste better .

Basically this dish is fried balls topped with plain yogurt , tamarind sauce, sprinkle some red chili powder , garnish with cilantro. But it taste so good and 1 of my favorite easy thing to make .

Try it out and expand your food dictionary. One life to live .


Gossip , Time pass Food

Have you ever had fresh cooked Artichoke? Most of us probably had at restaurant or bought canned one. Last weekend it grabbed my attention at Walmart and so I bought it . Checked some videos and then I boiled mine .

Fun part was how to eat it . You basically scrape , suck the leaves as the meat is on the leaves and it’s so little. You can spend some good fun time with friends picking leaves and sucking meat from them . At the end , you get artichoke heart which is very little too .

If you are bored and want to eat something that will make you feel good afterwards too , try it . There are videos on how to clean , cook so watch them first. Just skip sauces ppl show you with it. It taste fine without extra loaded fat. And you will get some nutrition too on top of fun time .

Enjoy !

Support What Matters To You

Everyone works hard to earn money. And you want your hard earned money to spend in right things, right ? At the same time ,If you don’t use your money , someone else will waste it . These are just my ideas and what I do so if anything clicks to you.

I like to spend , donate where it’s a win win situation. Of course not all the time but I don’t give money to freebies who will just waste money. On travel, some ppl at hotel and places will show up just to collect money. Yeah, no money to them but yes tip the ones who did things. Anytime I receive good service , I will tip extra. People who help out on regular basis , make sure they are happy and give them whatever they like.

Local community place where I have been learning yoga from so many years , I support whatever way I can. When I joined yoga , I was very impressed with teacher who took us on yoga camp and all free for everyone including food for 30-40 ppl. Even though I was very young at that time , I tried to support whatever way I could . Sometimes that means just don’t cause any trouble. Ha .. Ha Yoga teacher mentioned today that he donates every year on his birthday to community place since they let him conduct yoga classes there and he is just volunteering from probably last 25 years.

1st picture is of Kashmiri embroidery dress which had come all the way from Kashmir and I had bought it online. People who want to support Kashmir should try to do something to support economy and help make it safe and peaceful. But what we see is stupid posts circulating on social media.

Other dress I bought in Amritsar on recent trip. It’s popular for its Phulkari work. Next time when you like something, want to support think for a minute and try to come up with some good ideas and stop nonsense .

Spend on the things that gives you life . Go learn something, buy that musical instrument, eat quality food, feed quality food , travel ….whatever you enjoy. There’s a saying in India that Money/wealth should keep circulating.

Whatever you do , don’t start bugging other ppl to do same too.


Parsi Dhanshak

Do you love 1 pot meal? Do you love to cook in insta pot ?Are you lazy ? Are you health nut ? You got the idea hopefully. This is a wonderful one pot , simple , healthy meal that fits in today’s life style and what justlunchideas is abt.

This dish is made of few dals mainly tuvar dal and other dals you like ,cooked with vegetables like potatoes, bottle gourd, pumpkin, egg plant .

You can buy dhanshak masala at Indian store. I bought badshah masala and it has recipe on the back. Just follow that and you can customize it the way you like.

You can eat like soup or with rice. It’s very tasty. Must try I would say.

It’s good for kids , adults who don’t like vegetables since it’s all messed up, you don’t see it. out of sight, out of mind.


Buckwheat Pilaf

It’s a good idea to give up on rice and wheat, all purpose flour or whatever you eat every single day a miss for a day or week. Buckwheat is easily available.

It cooks like rice. Before a meeting when you are working from home. I started my electric pressure cooker with buckwheat in. Meeting done and chop , chop some veggies , throw some pav bhaji masala and voila done in no time . I sautéd tofu using pav bhaji masala.

Pav bhaji masala is very versatile. If you like spices , invest/waste $2 or $3 to try this masala .

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice, garnish with cilantro.