Offering Food To God

Many Hindu ppl offer food to deity first and then they consume which is called Prasad . Not everyone does it but many ppl do it as part of their religious ritual . On festivals, there’s a lot of different sweets and items are made to offer to god.

Question is why do we do it ? Does god eat it ? Do you see food disappearing after some time ? Who eats the food after all? Yes , right . We don’t think , observe and just do what we are told to do.

When I first started to try new recipes from net , there was no one to eat. One of my devotee friend suggested make it for god . He will eat it . So I made it and offered it to god . Oops , it’s all still there and I will have to eat it all. I was like this doesn’t work and So found friends who were willing to try food I made. Recently same friend told me few times she doesn’t make this and that because her family doesn’t eat it . And I was like make it for god .

Offering food to god is symbolic and as you do it, one should crack the code and find out what does it mean. Once you know what it really means , you won’t have to do it . People eat all rich food in the name of god and end up with health issues and that made me write this post.

So find out what offering food to god really mean and when you find out , share.

Picture is of temple in Uttarakhand.


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