Emotional Cleanse

Do you know we store emotions too in the body? When you go through emotional experiences, they get stored. Like you were in hospital taking care of someone, some personal experiences that made you upset , fears etc etc. When you fast , it helps to cleanse those emotions too. And you can start fresh again .

If you health conditions do not allow fasting then you can try mono meals, give up alcohol, dairy . Eat simple food. We all have wisdom within us and will tell us exactly what we need to do so follow your own wisdom.

Navratri started and it’s time to fast.

Picture is from Mt Mitchell, NC hike we did this weekend. Everyone can hike if they want too.


Barnyard Millet Pilaf

Barnyard Millet Also Known as Bhaggar , Samo rice in India. It’s generally eaten during fast since it’s easy to digest. Even if you are not fasting , you can eat this and it taste good. Good to take to work for lunch.

I just sauté vegetables , add spices , cashews and added cooked Millet to it . Millet cooks just like rice. Very simple. You can make it like Chinese fried rice too. It’s gluten free, vegan .



Just an idea. When in doubt , wear your birthstone . You will see lot of discussions over which gem stone to wear . Simplest thing is wear your birthstone . You will find that information so easily depending on your birth month. Like September is Sapphire.

Save money of going to astrologers and just buy , gift birthstone jewelry.


Sindhi Saibhaji – 1 pot meal

Another 1 pot meal , soup just like Parsi Dhanshak but it taste different . This 1 pot meals I think will be good for diabetic ppl too. It has dal so protein and all vegetables with fiber. Saibhaji has just Chana dal and vegetables like spinach, methi , onion,tomatoes,bottle gourd, pumpkin , eggplant, potato which I skipped. I think this two dish were supposed to have all 6 taste.

Basically you cook everything together and season with some garlic tadka. You can eat like soup or your choice. You can throw some quinoa into it too. Be creative .

Here’s the step by step recipe that I followed: