Mung Sprouts

Mung is so easy to sprouts in summer when it’s hot. Sprouts have more nutrition and they taste so good . You can use this sprouts in so many different ways. Make puda/pancake by mixing chickpea flour and spices, veggies. It will be high protein pancake/puda. You can use in salad , make curry out of it . This is how I sprout.

    Soak mung beans in water from morning to night which is for me from 8-9 am to 9-10 pm.
    Rinse and put them in my steel strainer like shown in picture. You can use cheese cloth too.
    Cover with some pot or plate and leave on the side of kitchen counter .
    Next day evening after around 18-20 hrs , they look like the picture.
    Isn’t it easy? Mung beans are cheap too. I buy them at Indian store.
    Try it out. It’s totally worth to spend few bucks to try this experiment.

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