Vaishno Devi Hike

Vaishno devi path lighted at night

Vaishno Devi Hike

Katra Market

on our recent religious trip, we also hiked Vaishno Devi. It’s 14 kms one way. Path is gradual up, mostly covered as you can see in the picture. It was around 1.5 hr drive from Jammu airport and roads were good .We started hike 8 in the morning and came back by 4 or 5.

Have you done it or is it on your list ? It was on my list of things to do and am glad it’s done . Learning from chardham hikes, here I didn’t bother to check how many kms I did or how many left. Just kept walking . Coming down last few kms were never ending. But of course it did end at some point and coming down is easy but it’s just looong walk. Total is 28 kms of walk in a day.

If you want to do it, just practice long walks before going. Get a Fitbit or use your phone to see how much you are walking . Some ppl think they walk a lot everyday but it’s just their imagination.


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