Rava Idli

Rava Idli With coconut chutney and some soaked chia seeds. Chia seeds will go in last spoon of chutney or you can add before hand too. Your choice or kid’s choice.

I love coconut chutney I make . Goodness of fresh coconut, cilantro leaves , curry leaves . Yum. I can finish a bowl of chutney.

Just some lunch idea.



Man vs Wild With India’s PM Modi

Not all my readers are Indian and so I like to share this link which is a sneak peak to the episode . I told 1 of my friend at work to let her dad know . He was very excited and is busy searching episode. So thought may be some of you will enjoy too. I couldn’t find one with English subtitles but if you have discovery channel , try it out.


Steamed Corn

Corn is another handy vegetable to keep in fridge for a rainy day. Just sharing idea . You can steam in insta pot or whatever way you like boil, roast and you will have something to eat as an appetizer , after school or work snack and it’s fun to eat. Good time pass food . Isn’t it ?


Mug Brownie With Vanilla Ice cream

When you crave for brownie and want it like in 5 mins , this quick brownie in a mug will be helpful. Google for recipes and there are plenty. It taste good enough unless you are picky abt your brownie.

Share this mug with someone because it’s so much sugar. As I was mixing ingredients, and saw 1/4 cup sugar in this, I was like omg that’s how much sugar I will eat and on top ice cream . Of course , I did’t eat it all. Also I used coconut oil and raw sugar. I forgot but add some walnuts too.

Involve kids in easy recipes and let them be creative with what kind of nuts they want to mix in .

Enjoy once in a while !

Tea With Candied Ginger

Have you had candied ginger ? It taste good and you get some of the ginger benefit. I buy for trips. On my recent trip, I knew roads will be curvy, going through mountains. Sometimes I end up getting motion sickness so I just ate 1-2 ginger candies after breakfast and I was fine sitting in tempo all day.

I bought mine at Trader’s Joe. Even amazon has it and Asian market also have it. Some of my colleagues also got hooked onto this ginger candies. One of the Colleague said she makes tea from it and I thought that was a good idea.

I just boiled water and threw 2-3 candied ginger and a small piece of lemon. At the end , you can eat ginger. Will help with digestion I think. Try it out after your dinner and see if you like it .