Fun Incident On Yamunotri Hike

There are lot of fun incidents we had on our trip and thought would be worth to share some of them . We stayed at camp Nirvana , Barkot and reached there in the evening from Haridwar. Met this group of ppl there and after initial pleasantries, was talking with 2 middle aged man abt next day hike. I asked them how were they going up ? They said it’s very hard everyone says and so they are taking ponies. I said we gonna walk and we have practiced hiking .

Next day we started hiking around 8 and midway I met those 2 man coming down. Oh you are already done and going down, Did you take pony? Amused me said. Their answer shocked me , they said after talking to you we decided to walk too and we walked up there and now going down . They said they started at 7.

I kept scratching my head how the hell they reached so early ?

Lesson is looks like I am good at encouraging others .

Picture is of our camp Nirvana and Yamunotri Hike.


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