Learning On Road

While we are in school , learning is part of every day life. As we grow old, we get settled in comfortable routine, ppl become expert in something and ends up with big fat ego. We should stay in student mode all life and then life becomes fun , easy and you are always growing.

Travel is another learning opportunity. We learn things on the roads that no university will teach us . On recent pilgrimage, we had lot of hikes and when my leg ended up in pain , I had to learn how to walk so that leg doesn’t hurt or hurt less. I like nice comfortable hotels but as we go remote places , things change. Nice hotel meaning will we get hot water in the morning ? We learn to survive and keep going. We learn to laugh on our pain , bad experiences too. We make friends with strangers and have some hearty laugh even when we meet them only for few mins. We learn to be mentally flexible .

Travel doesn’t mean just Europe and USA. There are so many unique places that offer unique experiences. Expand your travel horizon too. Safety is always important so always double check in that area and do what you are comfortable with .

Picture is from Amritsar Vagha border . Famous India Pakistan border.


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