Gaumukh Hike

Only on Gaumukh Hike , we saw some foreigners. There were no NRI or foreigners on Yamnotri or Kedarnath Hike . I would highly recommend foreigners, non Indians to check out Kedarnath Hike if you are planning a hiking trip in India.

In this post I will share few pictures of Gaumukh Hike . Gaumukh is where river Ganga starts. You can also go closer to glacier which is more Hike and called Tapovan. We went upto Gaumukh or should I say closer to Gaumukh. Hike is 14 km upto Bhojbasa where we spent night in GMVN guest house which has basics like bed , blankets and food . Keep your expectations low there. From Bhojbasa you walk more 4 Kms or some to Gaumukh. Take all kms with a pinch of salt since all hikes we did had kms messed up and one never know where those kms start and where it ends. So just keep walking and don’t waste time asking ppl how much more because they don’t know and answer not gonna help you.

With that here’s few pictures and there’s plenty of info online so I won’t repeat.


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