High Tea @ Taj

India Gate

There’s not much to do in terms of sight seeing in Mumbai. For me , it’s the airport I am always taking flights from . This time I did spend some time with friends and family. We went for high tea @ Taj which is good and reasonably priced . India gate is right there near Taj hotel. I stayed at Radisson blue 4 kms away from airport. Hotel was very nice since its newly built.


Fun Incident On Yamunotri Hike

There are lot of fun incidents we had on our trip and thought would be worth to share some of them . We stayed at camp Nirvana , Barkot and reached there in the evening from Haridwar. Met this group of ppl there and after initial pleasantries, was talking with 2 middle aged man abt next day hike. I asked them how were they going up ? They said it’s very hard everyone says and so they are taking ponies. I said we gonna walk and we have practiced hiking .

Next day we started hiking around 8 and midway I met those 2 man coming down. Oh you are already done and going down, Did you take pony? Amused me said. Their answer shocked me , they said after talking to you we decided to walk too and we walked up there and now going down . They said they started at 7.

I kept scratching my head how the hell they reached so early ?

Lesson is looks like I am good at encouraging others .

Picture is of our camp Nirvana and Yamunotri Hike.


Learning On Road

While we are in school , learning is part of every day life. As we grow old, we get settled in comfortable routine, ppl become expert in something and ends up with big fat ego. We should stay in student mode all life and then life becomes fun , easy and you are always growing.

Travel is another learning opportunity. We learn things on the roads that no university will teach us . On recent pilgrimage, we had lot of hikes and when my leg ended up in pain , I had to learn how to walk so that leg doesn’t hurt or hurt less. I like nice comfortable hotels but as we go remote places , things change. Nice hotel meaning will we get hot water in the morning ? We learn to survive and keep going. We learn to laugh on our pain , bad experiences too. We make friends with strangers and have some hearty laugh even when we meet them only for few mins. We learn to be mentally flexible .

Travel doesn’t mean just Europe and USA. There are so many unique places that offer unique experiences. Expand your travel horizon too. Safety is always important so always double check in that area and do what you are comfortable with .

Picture is from Amritsar Vagha border . Famous India Pakistan border.


Gaumukh Hike

Only on Gaumukh Hike , we saw some foreigners. There were no NRI or foreigners on Yamnotri or Kedarnath Hike . I would highly recommend foreigners, non Indians to check out Kedarnath Hike if you are planning a hiking trip in India.

In this post I will share few pictures of Gaumukh Hike . Gaumukh is where river Ganga starts. You can also go closer to glacier which is more Hike and called Tapovan. We went upto Gaumukh or should I say closer to Gaumukh. Hike is 14 km upto Bhojbasa where we spent night in GMVN guest house which has basics like bed , blankets and food . Keep your expectations low there. From Bhojbasa you walk more 4 Kms or some to Gaumukh. Take all kms with a pinch of salt since all hikes we did had kms messed up and one never know where those kms start and where it ends. So just keep walking and don’t waste time asking ppl how much more because they don’t know and answer not gonna help you.

With that here’s few pictures and there’s plenty of info online so I won’t repeat.