Spiritual Trip Preparations

  • What are your thoughts on preparations ? It depends on where you are going and what all you have signed up for . Mine gonna involve hiking and lot of hiking so here’s what I have done. Weather changes places to places so you always prepare for all kind of weather.
    • Have been hiking for last few years but since we started planning trip , have hiked religiously every weekend .
      Bought proper shoes way in advance as shown in pic. Have been hiking in them for a while.
      Everyday walk, take steps whatever exercise I can get in a day.
      Got beet root powder and tried before hike to see it helps. And it does So packing that. And chia seeds.
      I like reflexology foot massage so got that done. Feet takes you everywhere so treat them . And with all hiking am doing and will be doing massage felt good.
      Did a quick fast to cleanse , change energy.
      Got Camara ready.

    Point is you prepare yourself before board exam. And then remain flexible and take things as they come , change. Everything always workout and so relax and have fun. I will have stories to tell and experiences to share .

    Hope this helps who wants to go on spiritual trips. Remember Jesus Saves.

    Stay tuned as I will share what I learned and some pictures, videos from trip. And send your wishes and you will earn some good karmas too.


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