Travel Experiences

What does travel mean to you ? We all travel for various reasons or obligations but then there are places, countries we visit that appeals to us. May be we call it vacation.

Lot of ppl have told me that they love to see my travel pictures and some become my friends just to see pictures, hear abt my travel experiences. We all see lot of pictures on social media of our friends , family’s travel but do they really appeal?

When You travel , keep eyes, ears and mind open . Have your unique perspective and travel to the places that appeals to you. Also travelling with friends and different personalities help to get different experiences because everyone will want to do different things and will have different strengths.

Example I am not much into adventure but when everyone was doing zip line , microlight in Africa i did it too. I hiked Table mountain which I would have never done given a choice .

My friend and I climbed 1000steps to the temple in no time without stopping when I visited her in India.

India is a country of temples and there are beautiful temples located on top of hills . What happens now a days is that ppl have end goal which is visit temple and get blessings of god . In all that , ppl forget to have total experience that it’s a journey that you take . I am not a temple person but I realized I have been to lot of temples. I do not even remember all of them but some I remember because of climb , steps , food or something unique.Also I been to lot of different religion’s worship places and you always respect their rules, traditions and it’s all same everywhere I feel.

When you travel , sometimes journey is nice , comfortable and sometimes it’s rocky. Sometimes you get to stay in 5 star hotel and next day might be hut. But both will have its own charm and you enjoy both. Somedays you don’t even get food.

Hope this helps to open your eyes towards new experiences on your travel.

Expand your horizon.

Picture is from a picnic under the tree on our way to Masai Mara , Kenya.


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