Conversation With Guru

Sometimes my guru comes up with wonderful one liners . Like when we went to Africa , if anyone wishes something different or complains , he would say “stay home”. Snippet from our recent conversation which I thought was hilarious and still full of wisdom.

Me: Is this a walk to straight heaven or what? (Complaining abt so many hikes)

Guruji: Fall into heaven.

Me: or fall into hell

Guruji: For that no need to go anywhere.

Me: yes, stay home.

Guruji: and eat khakhra.

Me : with chai and watch YouTube video.

Guruji: Amen

Do you steps?

Title sounds funny , isn’t it ? Do you take steps or try to include steps in daily routine? Steps are everywhere and it’s a good workout I feel. It raises your heartbeat quickly. It’s harder than walking. My workplace has 135 steps and i have been doing it. If your home has steps like mine you can use them too. I have 15 steps at home and if I do that 10 times at once …. phew.

If you have high cholesterol and trying to reduce , include steps. I think it helps to lower cholesterol.

Picture is of home steps and crowders mountain hike steps.

Enjoy steps !

Beet Greens in Mung

Beet greens are rich in iron and in general nutritious. In spring you will see fresh beetroot with greens at farmers market and grocery stores too. Walmart also has it. Beet greens I like to use immediately and then store beetroot.

Today I chopped beet greens and added to left over mung beans. Added some lemon juice and it made nice soup for lunch on a rainy day.

If you are looking for vegetarian iron sources , try to add beet greens and beetroot to your diet.