How Life Works

Today I had not packed lunch to work. Lunch time I went for a walk and was contemplating going home early and eat. Didn’t feel like eating in cafeteria where lines are so long and it’s sandwich or pizza.

As I finished taking one round , I checked steps and decided to walk just little more and come back. As I walked few more steps, I heard someone saying “kaise ho” meaning how are you ? I look back. It’s our local Hindu center’s priest delivering lunch. You have to order early morning and they deliver . I stop to say hi to him and he says “take lunch”. I am like I don’t have money right now and he is like it’s ok. Give tomorrow. The only reason we know each other is because I go for Sunday yoga class at our Hindu center and so we see each other . As he gets me lunch , I find $10 in my cell phone wallet tucked in so I pay him.

And lunch box has 1 of my favorite sweet rava sheero.

Amazing how life works . If we just go with the flow. It’s a small incident but still it gives a picture of how life , universe works .


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