Frozen Pizza ?

At Harris Teeter , I saw a woman and a little girl checking out pizza and curious me also checked .Pizza looked good to me. It was veggie , no artificial flavor and only 7 ingredients. It came home. Another one was beet and goat cheese that I will buy next time . Pizza turned out good. I added crushed pepper on top.

Ok so this post is not abt how good the pizza was . We all want to eat pizza and everything else that we desire. Sometime we don’t want to cook or hungry and no time to cook. Whatever the reason is … I like to be realistic and try , eat everything I like .

So how do you turn frozen pizza to a good , balanced dinner ? Simple , add some soup on the side . I had left over Ayurvedic veggie soup so while pizza is warming up in oven , start with soup appetizer. Make sure it’s soup and has plenty of vegetables. Then you can eat your pizza slices and you got best of both world.

Isn’t it so simple ?


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