Kid’s Exotic Sandwich

Few days back, neighbor’s kid came home after school . After school kids are hungry so i said let’s see what i have in the fridge and we came up with a sandwich. His mom pinged me y’day that he praised sandwich so much and wanted recipe. That got me thinking what was special in it? I made again for myself and it was really good and am not even a sandwich person.

Most of the ppl I assume make boring sandwich at home. All cheap, same old things go into it. Here’s how I made it.

  • Start with good bread. I had some sprouted grain bread from traders joe.
  • Toast and spread butter. Again good quality butter. Mine is organic butter.
  • Put some good tomatoes and sprinkle salt, pepper.
  • Put cucumber and season again.
  • Now I added spring mix which has different flavor greens and that makes a big difference I think. Spinach has no taste and actually taste bad raw in sandwich.
  • Topped with goat cheese or spread on other slice of bread. Again same boring cheese slices ppl put on sandwich is put off.
  • Add some fresh avocado slices and season with salt, pepper again. It’s imp to season each layer as you build sandwich.
  • That’s it. Give kids few chips to go with it and I had homemade blueberry muffin that I gave him.
  • He left my home happy and that made me happy too.
  • To sum up, buy quality ingredients to make sandwich and try som new exotic toppings to fill in.
  • Enjoy!

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