Goat Cheese Sandwich For Kids

Its winter time and so one needs hot, fun snack after work or school. Also It’s been raining so much here. Kids generally love Sandwiches and cheese. Do you know goat cheese is easier to digest ? And protein structure is different than cow milk.

Sauté some onion , mushrooms , spinach and season it. Make sandwich as usual. You can add tomato slice later if you like. If it’s a small snack then cut bread slice in half first and then make sandwich.

Everything now a days is super size so cut back or share. It’s just a little snack until dinner time . Isn’t it ?


Mexican For Kids

If one looks around Indian Vegetarian lunch box recipes for kids around net, it’s mostly this and that rice dishes. Rice doesn’t provide enough nutrients to growing kids. And roti and little curry sadly doesn’t either . I like Mexican dishes littler better. Why? Let’s break it down .

  • First pinto beans , black beans provide good protein and so good for vegetarians. Easy to cook them home. No cans plz.
  • You can sauté veggies like mushrooms, spinach , colored peppers and add them to it.
  • Some fresh chopped lettuce , tomatoes, cilantro , green onion ,corn , pineapple are good to top with.
  • Fresh Avocado is another good addition which will provide more nutrition and healthy fat. Make sure you use fresh. Aldi store has good avocados and they come very cheap often.
  • You can add any extra like cheese and wrap it in a burrito or few chips on side or just have it like a salad.
  • It’s easy and you can customize.

You want to give good foundation to kids, don’t you?

Adults can also enjoy this healthy, nutritious food. Start with yourself .

Today I made enchiladas with pinto beans and veggies. Left over will be tomorrow’s lunch to take to work. I had lettuce , avocado on the side and will do same for work. Pack a septum container with salad.