Good Looking Salad

Everyone generally likes little salad on the side if it’s good looking . You can mix and match things like you do for clothes. Be creative and come up with new ideas that works for your family. And start with yourself . If you like something do it for yourself first. Make a small serving just for yourself . You are special to yourself and your own best friend.

I made this Greek kind of salad to go with my Indian meal. Isn’t it good looking ? I will have to make again to take it to work .

You can tell from picture what went in. Cucumber , grape tomatoes, olives , goat cheese . Sprinkle some dill leaves and salt. Use nice fresh ingredients for salad . Not something that’s all ready to go bad. I make the day I buy grocery .


Today’s Lunch & Tips

Saw Thai red sauce at the store which looked vegetarian and had nothing unusual as ingredient so it came home. It wasn’t creamy like Thai red curry but what I liked that I was able to throw all vegetables I like and they are lightly cooked unlike Indian curries. With good quality jasmin rice and lots of veggies in curry , it turned out all right.

Neighbor’s little boy who enjoys my baked goodies baked a vanilla cake and brought to me. How sweet. This is called karma. I made some blueberry sauce to go with it. Since I don’t keep corn starch at home , to thicken sauce I added some chia seeds after sauce cooked down little bit. Also added some coconut butter and used very little raw sugar.


a2 Milk

Do you know abt a2 milk ? It’s supposed to be easier to digest. I learned from yoga friend but never found until today. Google for more info if it appeals to u. I just bought it and have yet to use.


Warm lunch on Rainy day

It’s been cold and rainy here so that calls for hot soup . Black bean soup made with home cooked beans, tomatoes, celery , cilantro, garlic and some spices cumin powder and red chili powder. It tastes so good.

Sandwich made with home made spicy fig jam without added sugar, goat cheese and few chips for fun. Used only 1 slice of bread .

Nice hot, fun lunch . Isn’t it?