Recycle, Reuse

Don’t we all know now that plastic takes forever to decompose ? It’s so easy to take your reusable bag to grocery store . You can stuff so much in a bag and it’s easy to carry too. Keep few in a car and it will be handy. Also all companies now a days give bags and they are freely distributed at festivals and what not. Use them people. That’s not something to be stored away.

I don’t like to get obsessed with anything and I still use plastic when needed . But if we all take a moderate approach then we can make a difference.

Here’s the few green things that I do.

  • Of course , I take my own grocery bags .
  • Other stores , if I have only few things that I can carry in my hand , I tell cashier not to bag.
  • Carry my own bottle . I keep 1 at work too so no need to carry everyday.
  • Hardly uses paper products at home or work. Only when on the road or for party.
  • Plastic bags whatever I end up, will take to recycle .
  • When I use Garbage bags , I fill them up totally before throwing away. That way I use less bags.
  • Take snacks in a reusable container when appropriate.

Find your own ways to reuse , recycle things. Everyone has to pinch in to make a difference. When you make a positive change , you will feel good. Isn’t that a huge bonus ?

Enjoy reusing , recycling !

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