Packing Work Lunch-idea-2

  • Cuban inspired rice with few chips. Yes you got to make meal fun and it should scream fun , yummy.
  • Apple for snacking at some point .
  • I had a bar which I ate in the morning.
  • I don’t eat anything at home before leaving for work so I pack breakfast too.
  • I laugh with my colleagues in the evening that all food is gone so now I will go home . One day I said I can’t leave yet because I have yet to eat orange .😀
  • Make everything fun in life.


Cuban Inspired Rice

Other day I saw this cooking show “The Global Menu” on Indian channel. It featured some Cuban recipes. Saw this rice recipe on it and since I don’t write down recipes, it’s what I remember. What I noticed in all Cuban recipes , spices were same and they were garlic, bay leaves, chili powder, cumin powder and oregano. I had black beans cooked in the fridge so before I forget I decided to make it.I thought oregano will give this rice a different taste. Here’s the recipe:

  • Heat oil and add chopped garlic. Saute , throw bay leaf in.
  • Then goes chopped onion and then chopped grape tomatoes.
  • Now chopped colored pepper and cook.
  • Add cooked black beans. I added tofu for extra protein. Alright it needed to be used so I threw it in.
  • Add cumin powder , red chili powder , oregano.
  • Now chef added some stock and I had made my Ayurvedic veggie soup so I took some water from it. Felt so smart to get this idea. Bonus point to self .
  • Added left over cooked basmati rice. Add salt , mix well.
  • Tada… Cuban rice ready.
  • Oh wait, garnish with some home grown cilantro leaves.
  • I don’t know how it taste yet since I made it for work lunch. So it will be a surprise tasting lunch tomorrow at work.
  • Enjoy!

Recycle, Reuse

Don’t we all know now that plastic takes forever to decompose ? It’s so easy to take your reusable bag to grocery store . You can stuff so much in a bag and it’s easy to carry too. Keep few in a car and it will be handy. Also all companies now a days give bags and they are freely distributed at festivals and what not. Use them people. That’s not something to be stored away.

I don’t like to get obsessed with anything and I still use plastic when needed . But if we all take a moderate approach then we can make a difference.

Here’s the few green things that I do.

  • Of course , I take my own grocery bags .
  • Other stores , if I have only few things that I can carry in my hand , I tell cashier not to bag.
  • Carry my own bottle . I keep 1 at work too so no need to carry everyday.
  • Hardly uses paper products at home or work. Only when on the road or for party.
  • Plastic bags whatever I end up, will take to recycle .
  • When I use Garbage bags , I fill them up totally before throwing away. That way I use less bags.
  • Take snacks in a reusable container when appropriate.

Find your own ways to reuse , recycle things. Everyone has to pinch in to make a difference. When you make a positive change , you will feel good. Isn’t that a huge bonus ?

Enjoy reusing , recycling !

Packing Work Lunch – Idea 1

Am gonna start posting the picture of what I packed for work. Hope it will help ppl and me too since this way we will come up with new ideas.

  • Pav bhaji – bhaji is mix of vegetables with some special spices. Pav is bun that goes with it.
  • Salad of cucumber, tomatoes and avocado. I did before shower so rubbed some avocado on face while at it . 😀
  • Home made blueberry muffin to snack on.


Dinner Idea

Mung dal with Dill leaves and roasted Brussels sprouts. We all want to eat something fun that we like but just adding some nutritious stuff on the side makes a difference. Roasting Brussel sprouts needs time but it’s oven time . Remember to throw in oven before you start making other things . That way it’s ready on time and hot from oven.

Left over Mung dal with make good protein spread for breakfast sandwich . Or you can make quesadilla with it or paratha too. Killing 2 birds in 1 go is my favorite.