Quinoa Tava Pulao

Every Indian is familiar with tava pulao and love it. But times have changed and white rice is off the list for health nuts like me. And sometimes ppl are forced due to sugar. Quinoa pulao is a very good option and taste very good too.

  • Sauté onion, tomatoes as usual in coconut oil.
  • Add vegetables like carrot, peas, green beans, colored pepper. You can add paneer or tofu also.
  • Now the star ingredient. Pav Bhaji masala. (Available in Indian stores and very cheap) Add salt.
  • You can also add some cashew nuts.
  • Add cooked quinoa and adjust masala.
  • You can add little garam masala too.
  • Squeeze fresh lemon juice and garnish with cilantro.
  • with the side of yogurt or raita, some chips or papad and it’s a fun meal.
  • Enjoy!

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Don’t they look colorful ? Roasting any vegetables brings out its flavor. Makes me wonder if it’s same for us humans too . Life roast us to bring out our good flavor.

Do you need recipe ? Mix baby potatoes with olive oil, sea salt and chopped rosemary that you grow in your garden or pot . Roast in oven at 375 F. Time will vary depending on how big your potatoes are . Mine took an hr.

Add some baby tomatoes from garden when ready to eat. You can also put toothpick to make it more fancy. Also can make some Indian cilantro chutney on the side . I like to keep things simple. Simple thoughts , simple life and have fun.


Unconscious Bias

Recently I had an opportunity to be on panel at work to discuss , share the challenges of colored women and how to overcome. Would like to share some of my thoughts here too.

We all know it happens but how we take it is upto us. We live in 21st century and this technology world and here everything is available to everyone. Lot of opportunities are there and we just need to follow our interest. There are times I want to question people and put some sense into them and there are times I don’t care.

I do make sure that I don’t do that to others and I acknowledge ppl when they do something extra , special or do a good job. You know constructive criticism is helpful for us to grow. For example, when ppl come to work at my home , if they are good I pay them extra. We all love good deals but when someone is sweating to fix , clean my home I pay them what their job is worth and not try to find deal there. People who work for me all the time, do get bonus end of the year. I would get mad if i don’t get bonus so I feel they should receive too. Just be fair in general and everyone around us will be happy.

Unconscious bias is a big thing now a days . And my thought is that companies have lot of diversity events and everyone should be encouraged to participate. That way we meet diverse group of people and we learn to see everyone, everything the way it is. Our minds are so conditioned that we keep doing, thinking things the way we learned ages back that doesn’t work in today’s environment.

For any job , at home or at corporate when we find right person for the right job, everyone wins and makes our life easy and fun. I do encourage everyone to have diverse friends and participate in diverse events. It’s fun and you learn new things while having fun.

After all, there’s only one mind.


PS: By the way, 2 Moringa finally after so many attempts sprouted . That’s the picture.

Fig Coconut Bar

Easy breezy fig bars. Remember my fig tree and how I dehydrated figs. Fresh figs will start again in few months so trying to use up last year’s stock.

This bars are so so easy. Blend your dry figs with just enough coconut milk to make a paste. Add honey if needed. Pour in your popsicle bars. Fill it all the way unlike me. Freeze for few hrs.

And Slurp slurp. 😛


Eid Celebration

Looking for new party ideas ? Here’s one . I need to create new category for party ideas since I always have ideas . Check my previous Diwali Dhamaka, Arabic Mehfil too. There are so many Festivals around the world so you can pick one that speaks to you. And you don’t have to be from that part of the world.

Hosted Eid Celebration at my home. As always kept it a potluck so everyone can research and get a chance to cook something new. We had few veg kababs, veg biryani, savaiyaa , corn basket, dates , hummus etc etc. I forgot to take pictures that day of all food.

we also played a game passing the pillow. I made few Chits with some fun tasks before hand . And then asked everyone to write one that they won’t mind doing. Some ppl wrote play a dead , sleep , head stand , swim.:-) People are very creative. Everyone enjoyed including kids.

What’s your next party ?