Dhebra Hummus Sandwich

Dhebra is gujarati bread made with pearl millet and wheat flour adding some methi leaves , curd and spices. Instead of deep frying I just roast them on skillet. From the left over I made hummus sandwich. Very simple. No need of recipe. Spread hummus , put some tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, mango , lettuce whatever you have . Sprinkle salt and pepper . Yum !

You can make baby ones too if you make small dhebra. Looks cute and easy to eat. Or make big dhebra which will be hard because millet doesn’t have gluten so hard to roll big. Let’s stick with baby ones.πŸ˜€

Be creative . You can use thepla too. I prefer dhebra over breads , tortillas. You can also cut dhebras in triangle to eat with hummus instead of pita. Enough ideas with dhebra. How are you gonna eat them ?


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