Watermelon Indian Way

Summer is here and so does watermelon. If you have never tried watermelon Indian way, then this is for you. Sprinkle some salt and roasted cumin powder on it. It’s good after hike or on a hot day when you sweat so much and so losing salt . Good way to hydrate yourself. People who work outside on hot days will also benefit from this.

Enjoy !

Buckwheat Groat Pilaf

Buckwheat groat is available at Indian store and on Amazon too. Buckwheat is allowed to eat when Indians fast where grains are prohibited. Buckwheat is a seed and nutritious. Buckwheat pilaf makes a good lunch to carry it to work, school. It’s so easy to make and am sure you don’t need recipe. But some ideas:

  • Buckwheat groats from Indian store are not roasted so I first roasted for few minutes. And then cook it like rice.
  • I cracked some cumin seeds and sauté veggies. Add salt and crushed pepper .
  • I had some boiled kala Chana which I threw in .
  • Add cooked buckwheat groats and mix.
  • Done . Healthy meals are easy to make.
  • You can top with lettuce, cucumber , tomatoes, lemon juice too.
  • Enjoy!

Dragon Boat Race

Have you ever participated in dragon boat race? Here lot of companies sponsor boats and employees can participate. This is the first time I participated. And it was fun. If you have never tried and your company sponsors it , take advantage or go check it out on race day. You will learn new things , meet new ppl and racing … oh boy you get all pumped up.

Life should be rich with experiences is what I believe. One stays in student mode and life stays fun.

I saw bamboo music instrument 1st time . So sharing picture.


Homegrown Potato

Gardening is such a joy . I had a potato that had eye growing so I planted it in garden. That was I think end of February. Today finally I lost patience and digged around to see if anything is growing or not . And what do I find ? I can’t describe the feeling when I saw potato . I was overjoyed. You see in the first picture? I found 2 and thought may be I should wait for some more time .

Can’t wait to eat them and dig more . I will have potato for breakfast. And potato dreams too. All this for free. Isn’t that awesome ?


Watermelon Drink

Over the weekend , I hosted a photography workshop. One of the friend is a good photographer and so some of us tried to learn. It was very very hot that day and so I had made watermelon drink and everyone liked it very much. They all were like this is so refreshing. It’s very simple and easy to make it . Here’s what I did .

  • Buy seedless watermelon for this drink. Remove rind and chop into chunks.
  • Blend in blender. No water needed.
  • Add salt, fresh lemon or lime juice and roasted cumin powder. And few mint leaves. I didn’t had any.
  • You can try Indian chat masala instead of Cumin powder if you like. Try a small portion first and see if you like it.
  • Add few ice cubes and it’s ready to be served. Remember to stir.
  • One melon will make lot of drink. So perfect for summer gatherings.
  • Enjoy!