Buckwheat Dosa With Coconut Chutney

Do you buy fresh brown coconut? Do you know how to pick good one ? Here’s the trick I use . Take coconut close to ear and shake it. If you hear plenty of water inside , it will be good. Try few and you will know the difference. I drink the water even though I don’t like it. Make fresh chutney with coriander and freeze rest of the coconut pieces. They store well and I take out few every time I am making chutney. Just soak in water for some time and it will soften up.

I have been making this buckwheat dosas and really liking it. I should actually call it buckwheat flavored dosa. I add big spoonful of buckwheat flour after grinding my regular brown rice dosa batter. It gives nice taste to dosa which am loving right now.

I might try more things with coconut. I have never made coconut milk or yogurt.

In India, coconut is offered to good and on some auspicious occasion , coconut is broken and everyone gets a piece of it. If it’s good to offer god then got to be good for us too. Isn’t it?

Enjoy Coconut !

Poppy Seed Curry

Don’t judge the book by cover . Here don’t judge a dish by picture. I take bad photos of dish. Poppy seed also know as Khus khus is made into curry and I used to love this dish growing up. First time I made it and having it after probably more than 2 decades . I still loved it and I was able to get same taste . Here’s how I made it.

  • Soak 1/4th cup poppy seeds in water for an hr. Drain it and grind/blend with little water .
  • Heat mustard oil and add 1 big finely chopped onion. You need good amount of onion in this curry. Sauté until brown.
  • Add red chili powder, little bit coriander- cumin powder, ginger garlic paste. Add salt but be careful. Add only little.
  • Add poppy paste and cook few minutes.
  • That’s it. Easy breezy and very tasty.
  • Goes very well with roti. I am limiting wheat in diet but this curry I had to eat with a roti.
  • Warning : If you have a drug taste coming up, don’t eat this curry day before. It will show false results.
  • Enjoy!

Ethiopian Vegetarian Feast

Have you ever had Ethiopian food? It won’t hurt to try. Some of us yoga friends went for dinner and everyone enjoyed. We live in a global world , 21st century. Is that right ? So many options, so many opportunities. Why get stuck ? Expand your horizon and try new cuisines if it’s available where you live .


Moringa Seeds

Moringa is new super food now a days and its seeds are edible too. Of course they are nutritious and lot of health nuts like me are eating them. I found them at local Indian store but they are available on Amazon too.

Package says eat 2 a day. Do your research and see if they appeal to you. It will be an acquired taste.