Do you volunteer, participate in community or @ work events ? It’s ok if you don’t want to. But no time could be just excuse . Companies have so many programs for personal , professional development, volunteer opportunities, fun events. Find the things that interest you and just go for it. Doing some good karma always makes one feel good. You get to meet ppl who share your interests and you learn new things. It’s easy to do at work because you are doing in working hrs and companies give you those volunteer hrs. Learn to take advantage.

I represented Asian group at my work location for diversity fair . I made mango bread and it was nice to see people’s reaction as they taste it . Oh .. yum… this is good. Yes , I made a mess when I made it since butter in microwave spilled everywhere and it was so hard to clean it. But it was all fun. Here’s the good outcome.. I was asked to publish the recipe in our newsletter. Isn’t that awesome ?

I also learned some marketing skill from another lady who was next to me representing some organization. There were ppl who wanted to come learn yoga , Ayurveda . Overall it was fun and made me happy.


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