Pupusas From Spanish Restaurant

Pupusas have been on my list to try from a while and finally I just had to go get it . It was first time that I went to Spanish restaurant where everyone was speaking Spanish and I saw mostly Spanish ppl. I was uncomfortable for a minute but then lady at counter spoke English. Yoga helps so I just sat there and breath. I was so happy coming out from there with pupusas in my hand .

Do you have any food or restaurant on your list ? Go ahead and try. Next I have arranged Ethiopian lunch with friends from work. I had Ethiopian food only once before and want to try again.

We got to have fun in life , don’t we ? Sometimes trying new cuisines can open new horizon. Who knows I may get to visit those countries and then I will know what to order .

By the way, this all is yoga too. Yoga meaning unity. Apply that to everything and everywhere. Some people mix all their food in a plant before eating . If you have seen someone doing it , you must have wondered and many times people doing it don’t know the reason either . It’s abt unity only. There’s only 1 stomach and everything gonna be mixed there anyway. Isn’t it?


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