Home Grown Radish

Gardening is so much fun. If you don’t have a yard , you can still grow in container . From planting seeds to sprouting to see plant growing . Whole process is such a joy. Sometimes you get to eat fruit and sometimes you don’t . I grew radish for the first time this spring and reason I wanted to grow besides I do like them, that they grow quick and you can harvest Radish within a month.

Well, well, well…it’s been probably 7-8 weeks since I planted them and today I pulled few . They are tiny but they pack a punch. Leaves are edible too so I threw them in the dal.

Have you heard ” you reap what you sow “. In garden , we grow what we like, don’t we ? I am not gonna grow something I don’t like . Well less chance. Just like that, in life also plant what you would like to reap. Sometimes it may take longer but you will reap eventually what you like. That’s a law of karma.


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