Pineapple Peel Drink

When you cut the fresh pineapple, there’s lot of pulp attached to skin is wasted and I always felt bad throwing it away. Google came to rescue as always and learned in tropical places ppl make drinks from pineapple skin. Just want I needed. Pineapple was not organic and since I was just trying it out and not really trying to cure anything, I felt it was ok. I washed pineapple well before cutting it.

  • Take skin in a pot , immerse it in water.
  • Boil it for 30 mins and let it cool down.
  • Strain the liquid and as you know I avoid extra sweetener.
  • I did add some chia seeds.
  • Drink it . It taste little different than pineapple. More like mild vinegar.
  • It is different and flavor is new to me.
  • Try it out and see if you like it next time when you cut fresh pineapple.
  • Am sure it is good for digestion since it will have bromelian enzyme. But then again, heating may reduce bromelain.


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