What to eat for hike

Do you have fear of hike or just all kind of fears may be ? Fear not, hike. Hike is 1 of the way to get rid of few fears. Get few friends together and go hike a near by mountain. As I have been hiking for a while , few things I have learned . I have only done few miles long hikes and not those overnight ones or few days. So my suggestion is for few hrs /few miles hike.

  • Most imp, being a woman I don’t hike 4-7 days during cycle.
  • Right after cycle when I hiked , I was really really tired and I realized it’s b/c of low iron. Now I make sure I eat iron rich food during and right after cycle . That has helped big time. Cooked spinach, carrot juice , boiled beetroot, quinoa, avocado, chia seeds is what I eat.
  • I learned that eating protein before hike helps. I try to eat boiled Kala Chana, quinoa , or any beans with quinoa. Boiled egg also good option.
  • After hike, protein again. I take boiled peanuts and some acidic fruit for us to enjoy after hike.
  • Few pictures from today’s hike. Always respect signs everywhere. They are there for a reason and for our own good.
  • Enjoy!

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