Home Grown Radish

Gardening is so much fun. If you don’t have a yard , you can still grow in container . From planting seeds to sprouting to see plant growing . Whole process is such a joy. Sometimes you get to eat fruit and sometimes you don’t . I grew radish for the first time this spring and reason I wanted to grow besides I do like them, that they grow quick and you can harvest Radish within a month.

Well, well, well…it’s been probably 7-8 weeks since I planted them and today I pulled few . They are tiny but they pack a punch. Leaves are edible too so I threw them in the dal.

Have you heard ” you reap what you sow “. In garden , we grow what we like, don’t we ? I am not gonna grow something I don’t like . Well less chance. Just like that, in life also plant what you would like to reap. Sometimes it may take longer but you will reap eventually what you like. That’s a law of karma.


Hakka Noodles

Hakka noodles is very popular in India and it’s a kind of indo-Chinese dish. I didn’t follow indo-Chinese recipe where vegetables are cut fine and I think schezwan sauce , ketchup is used . I did use Hakka noodles which I bought at Indian store. Google for indo -Chinese recipe. You will find many.

I just added lot of veggies , soya sauce and chili garlic sauce. And some avocado on the side.

Makes a good filling dish with lots of vegetables and they are lighted sautéed.


Left Over Rice Balls

There’s so much that we don’t know and we can learn. I am Gujarati but I never had this “rasawala bhat na muthiya”. I don’t know if I ever even heard of it. In Olden times, food was scarce and noting was ever wasted. People or women were very creative and they came up with all this wonderful dishes to use left overs and still make them tasty and appealing. I do think all those mixed vegetables, mix dals were to use left overs. Lot of things were sun dried to use in winter and they ended up in curries like vadi, papad. It worked for them and were able to feed hungry mouths.

Coming back to today’s world, most of us have everything available all the time. Vegetables, fruits can be transported around the world in few hrs. Point am trying to make is we need to see what works in today’s environment and what doesn’t instead of blinding following . Blind following doesn’t help us grow in our life. And also one ends up making life miserable not only for self but to people around them too.

Since I never had this curry , I made it. I wouldn’t consider this healthy or great by any means but good once in a while with the side of big salad or roasted vegetables. We need to eat more lightly cooked vegetables in today’s environment. Recipe is simple and I liked that balls are not fried.

  • Take left over rice and add some besan , cilantro leaves and spices , salt. Pour little oil. Mix everything well and Make balls and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil, do seasoning and pour water . Add spices . Let water boil.
  • Drop the balls and let it cook. Rice was already cooked so just besan needs to cook.
  • Add some whisked plain yogurt and boil few more mins.
  • Garnish with cilantro. Done !
  • It’s quick. Isn’t it?
  • I think you should be able to add some shredded carrot , chopped spinach into balls. Might need little more besan to bind.
  • Enjoy !

Oat Spring Onion Muthiya

Sun is shining on Muthiya. Can you tell from the picture? Muthiya turned out good so had to share here. First time I made using spring onion and reason is spring onions in spring are so cheap , fresh and so I like to use them in everything. Recipe is same as any other Muthiya .

  • Rinse and chop spring onions and keep it aside.
  • Take a bow and mix instant oats, besan, rava and whole wheat flour. I didn’t measure and it was kinda all same amount.
  • Add your usual spices, chopped spring onion, baking soda, salt and mix well.
  • Add a some plain yogurt , tbsp of oil and mix everything. If needed , add some water.
  • Make Muthiya and steam for 15 mins.
  • Enjoy with little good quality coconut oil or sesame oil on top.
  • Enjoy!

How To Start New Project

Looking to start a new project or trying to change life and all confused and don’t know where to begin, where to find support?Well, worry not. There’s help and starting within.

In India, everything starts with a fast. I know everyone has forgotten it. Any prayers, vrat , Pooja starts with fasting first. Even in marriage, bride groom, family has to fast. Doing Pooja at home, got to fast. Want to pacify a planet ? Fast.

Why fast? Because when there’s so much junk sitting in stomach , hard to have clear mind which is needed for new start. Fasting helps clear mind , change energy. You might want to undertake manta sadhana or see how mudras work. For that also, fast.

For quicker result, take a laxative night before and fast next day.

Now after fasting , next day in the morning sit down at your favorite relaxing spot which could me your temple room or study room or whatever it is. Pose your question, “how do I begin ….” and wait for answer.

Time to take action now.

Try it out.